New Captain Marvel Featurette Takes Us Behind The Scenes


Brie Larson has undergone some heavy training for the role of Carol Danvers, and in a new behind the scenes featurette for the upcoming Captain Marvel, we get a glimpse of this preparation, along with the big screen heroine that this training helped create.

“We need heroes. We need you,” says a young Nick Fury in the opening seconds of the video, viewable above, before co-director Anna Boden explains that the film is a journey of self-discovery for its main character. Brie Larson would likely say the same about her own experience on the project, claiming in an interview last year that “going through a movie that requires so much and takes this long” made her realize, “I’m way stronger than I knew.”

The Oscar-winning actress elaborates on this idea in the new video, reflecting on her nine months of intense physical training, as well as the preparation needed for her scenes as a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot. Boden concludes the video with the observation that it’s “pretty awesome” how much Larson has brought to the role.

This behind the scenes promo is one of two videos released this week for Carol’s solo debut, the other being a new trailer that’s successfully managed to get the internet hyped all over again. The new footage puts particular emphasis on Captain Marvel’s relationship with Fury, which Boden and her co-director Ryan Fleck have recently compared to buddy-cop movies like 48 Hrs. and Lethal Weapon.

Of course, if the two of them are such great pals, then you have to wonder why the pair fell out of contact for so many years, but we’ll presumably find out when Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th, 2019.

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