Captain Marvel Casting Call Reveals New Characters


Ever since Samuel L. Jackson dropped his pager and turned to dust, fans all around the world have been obsessing over Captain Marvel, which feels like the next big chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the start of the resolution of Avengers:Infinity War. Given that details have been hard to come by though, the anticipation of the arrival of Carol Danvers as the intergalactic hero has us all scanning the casting calls.

One such casting call, which was posted on Backstage recently, required a pair actors to portray the grandparents of an “actress.” Specifying with a preference for a “real-life” African-American pairing in their 60s or 70s, all the information seems to point towards the grandparents of Lashana Lynch’s character making an appearance. Not that anyone’s hinting at whom she could be portraying, mind you.

As usual, it’s a case of the secrecy surrounding new MCU projects giving away very little and confirming even less, but until that first teaser trailer lands (seriously, where is it?), we’ll be salivating over every little morsel we can get. As we imagine most of you are.

Already, we’ve pored over those on-set shots of Brie Larson in a green (GREEN!) detailed costume whilst recent fan art has been busy speculating over how Captain Marvel may have reacted to Thanos’ finger snap. Furthermore, we’ve also seen art which ponders how she’d look in charge of the all-female superhero team, A-Force. Badass is the answer, in case you’re wondering.

Captain Marvel is due to arrive at theaters on March 8th, 2019. Which is a long, long ways away. But once it lands, expect to be introduced to the MCU’s most powerful hero yet. One who can apparently move planets. Watch out, Thanos!