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Captain Marvel Finally Confirms The True Identity Of Mar-Vell

On the eve of release, we can exclusively reveal the identity of Mar-Vell, one of the many mysteries of the standalone Captain Marvel film.

Captain Marvel

You may have noticed an emerging trend in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of late – the Powers That Be seem to be going that extra mile to cover up their biggest secrets.

Whether it’s the faux trailer scenes of Avengers: Infinity War or the identity of Jude Law’s Captain Marvel character, the creative minds at Marvel Studios aren’t taking any chances. Blame it on social media, or the MCU’s rising stakes, but it’s no secret that directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have been playing things close to the vest in anticipation of Carol’s maiden flight.

Which brings us to the name of Jude Law’s mystery commander. But, wait; if he’s not Mar-Vell, then who is? Fear not, as one of our sources caught an early screening of Captain Marvel and has filled us in on many of the film’s mysteries. Spoilers to follow!

Still with us? Turns out Jude Law is playing Starforce Commander Yon-Rogg, who helps train Brie Larson’s up-and-coming hero soon after she becomes aware of her galactic origins. And Mar-Vell? Much like Goose the Cat, not everything is as it seems.

When Carol encounters the Supreme Intelligence, it projects an image of someone from Carol’s memories to her and that’s who Carol sees the Supreme Intelligence as. The Supreme Intelligence projects itself as someone different to everyone it encounters – think of the Bogart in Harry Potter, only this involves happiness rather than primal fear – but to Carol, it projects itself as a woman who Brie Larson’s heroine thinks is her mom. However, we soon learn that this woman isn’t her mom. Rather, it’s a Kree in disguise who was a doctor on Earth that saved Carol. But this isn’t just any Kree: it’s Mar-Vell, played in this instance by Annette Bening.

On March 8th, Captain Marvel takes to the skies, and as this is another installment in the MCU, there’ll be two post-credits scenes (along with a touching Stan Lee tribute) to enjoy.

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