Captain Marvel Costume Description Teases An Outfit Ripped Straight From Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Comics

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teetering on the verge of its international launch, Marvel Studios bucked tradition to swing the doors open to their top-secret Burbank offices, allowing members of the press to catch a glimpse of all the upcoming projects simmering in development.

From Black Panther to Captain Marvel to Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, we expect a deluge of Marvel-related news to hit the interwebs over the coming days, and Nerdist has a report straight from the Marvel Open House event in California. This one in particular concerns the Brie Larson-led Captain Marvel movie and, in particular, the costume to be worn by her Carol Danvers. According to the detailed description, those familiar with Kelly Sue DeConnick’s comic book arc ought to feel right at home by the time Brie Larson lights up the screen in two years’ time.

Per Nerdist:

The first two featured Brie Larson in her costume, which appears to draw heavy inspiration from her classic comics suit. Though the design kept Captain Marvel’s signature eight-pointed star emblem square on the chest, its look and feel were more akin to Ant Man’s suit than Iron Man’s. Like a form-fitting armor, her suit is less spandex and more military grade, covering her whole body. Her iconic sash is more of a utility belt, favoring function over form. In the concept art she stands tall, staring off into the distance, looking hopeful but tough.

The post goes on to tease the main villains of Captain Marvel, after the folks at Nerdist clocked eyes on concept art featuring Carol Danvers clashing with a giant, mechanical enemy. Screenwriter Nicole Perlman has cautioned that this origin story is slightly different to the one seen in the comics, but that doesn’t necessarily rule out an appearance from the Kree. There’s also mention of Larson’s heroine calling upon her “energy projection and absorption powers,” so it’ll be fascinating to see how the VFX wizards at Marvel bring those scenes to life in 2019.

Captain Marvel is still a ways away from launch (March 2019 is the current release window), but that has in no way dampened Brie Larson’s enthusiasm for the part.

Source: Nerdist