Captain Marvel Fans Have Worked Out That She Stole Her Jacket

Captain Marvel

Eagle-eyed Captain Marvel fans have worked out a spoiler for the movie by putting together a promo still with some leaked set pics from last year. In the comparison below, you can see that Brie Larson’s heroine is dressed in a worn leather jacket in the promo image. On the right, however, the set pic features actor Robert Kazinsky losing a fight with her and, look at that, he’s wearing the same jacket. Conclusion: Captain Marvel stole it!

Seeing as the last time Carol Danvers appeared to be guilty of some disreputable behavior it turned out a Skrull was involved, maybe that’s the explanation here as well. Just like that innocent-looking old lady that the Captain decked in the first trailer was revealed to be one of the shapeshifting aliens, perhaps this guy’s a Skrull, too. As such, after she bested him in a fight, maybe Carol decided to keep his jacket?

From a behind the scenes perspective, we actually wouldn’t be surprised if this moment was engineered as a loving homage to the iconic scene from Terminator 2 when Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 beats up some bikers and steals their clothes and a motorcycle. Kevin Feige’s already talked about Captain Marvel being influenced by 90s action movies, most obviously Top Gun, so this can’t just be a coincidence, right?

While about half of Captain Marvel may be set in space, we’ve been told to expect something more grounded than the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and much closer in tone to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That’s perhaps due to the fact that it’s about enemies that hide in plain sight and will also feature S.H.I.E.L.D. in a prominent role.

And as for this latest find, well, we’ll see if this deduction about the origins of Captain Marvel‘s jacket is correct when the movie hits theaters on March 8th.

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