Captain Marvel Is “Certainly An Origin Story” From The Off, According To Kevin Feige


It’s taken Marvel an awful long time – too long, perhaps – to get its live-action Captain Marvel film off the ground. The wheels are finally in motion, though, after the studio elected Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve to hash out a screenplay before tapping Room breakout Brie Larson for the title role of Carol Danvers. All that’s left is for Marvel to zero in on a director.

Still no development on that front just yet, but head honcho Kevin Feige spoke a little about Captain Marvel during a special preview screening of Doctor Strange in London yesterday evening – see the early reactions here – where the executive noted that the Brie Larson-fronted picture is an origin story first and foremost.

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Feige’s comments, relayed by The Playlist, raise some interesting questions regarding how Larson will be ushered into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ever the one to lean on cameos and end-credit nods, a role in Avengers: Infinity War is all but certain, but given that that Carol Danvers origin story will follow Joe and Anthony Russo’s ensemble blockbuster, it’s more likely that that role will be a fairly minor one.

Here’s what Feige has to share about Phase Three and beyond:

“I think Benedict [Cumberbatch] is one of those ways. Benedict is an amazing actor and totally different than Hemsworth and totally different from Downey. And, we want to stay true to who he was in the books. The metamorphosis of what he goes through is more drastic than Tony [Stark] and that was fun to chart. I guess ‘Panther’ isn’t really an origin story since we saw him already in ‘Civil War,’ but his stand alone certainly introduces you to 99% of his world which you never saw before. And ‘Captain Marvel’ is certainly an origin story from the start.”

Room may have helped Brie Larson get her foot in the door, but it didn’t take long for the actress to line up a string of enticing roles. The first of which is Free Fire, Ben Wheatley’s wild ensemble drama, while a foray into blockbuster space is also in the cards thanks to Kong: Skull IslandCaptain Marvel, meanwhile, is expected to start shooting in early 2018.