Captain Marvel’s Jude Law Shares The MCU Advice Robert Downey Jr. Gave Him


Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. have come an awful long way since anchoring Sherlock Holmes together.

The former currently has Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in the can for November, before Captain Marvel whisks MCU fans back to the ’90s for a space-set adventure involving the Kree, the Skrulls and a Nick Fury still capable of 20/20 vision.

And RDJ? He’s been a fixture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the very beginning, and will no doubt return to the fray once Avengers 4 steamrolls into theaters next summer. The creative duo are still friends, of course, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Jude Law kept a close eye on Downey Jr. as his Tony Stark cemented his place at the forefront of the MCU.

He had just done the first Iron Man when we first worked together. So I’ve sort of followed his journey and relationship with Marvel throughout, really.

Turns out Downey Jr. also offered some words of wisdom when Jude Law agreed to play the part of [redacted]. And that’s just it. While many had assumed that the British thesp had clinched the role of Mar-Vell, now we’re not so sure

Be that as it may, RDJ was still happy to show Jude Law the ropes, including how working within the Marvel Cinematic Universe is all about becoming just another small, yet vital cog in the studio’s well-oiled movie machine.

I don’t know that he ever gave me any advice, but he obviously had a great time making these. He talked a little bit about how [making a Marvel movie is like] fitting this one piece into a bigger picture that someone else has got their eyes on, and giving yourself over to that. It’s not about trying to understand everything. Just do your piece.

Expect Jude Law to make his superhero debut when Captain Marvel officially takes flight on March 8th – just nine weeks before the arrival of Avengers 4.

Source: EW