Captain Marvel Named As The Most Mistake-Filled Movie Of 2019


As if the trolls on the Internet needed any more of a reason to pile on Captain Marvel, it’s just been announced that the superhero flick is the most mistake-filled film of 2019. The movie finished in a distant first with 59 mistakes, thus making it the undesirable champion of cinematic errors for this year. The Brie Larson-led feature came in well ahead of Avengers: Endgame and Midsommar, which finished in second and third place with 51 and 45 errors, respectively.

A lot of the blunders stemmed from the pic’s inability to remain in the time period it was supposed to be set in. For example, characters could be seen using a version of Windows and playing a version of Street Fighter that both hadn’t been released in 1995. There were also movies visible inside Blockbuster that hadn’t hit theaters yet and songbooks in the background that wouldn’t be published for another decade.

This kind of harmless nitpicking is all in good fun, of course, but there’s a chance that those who hate the film can use this calculation to further deride the unpopular superhero. Larson is often the subject of a lot of vitriol from people online who want her franchise to fail. She’s frequently been the target of petitions urging Marvel to replace her, along with disparaging fan edits and nasty YouTube comments. Now, this latest report could just add more fuel to the fire.

Still, there’s a large segment of the population who adores Carol Danvers. After all, she was the most popular female Halloween costume this year and is expected to become the face of the MCU in the near future. As such, we’ve got a good feeling that she’ll be sticking around for a while yet.

Tell us, though, did you catch any of these mistakes while watching Captain Marvel? Sound off in the comments section and check out the full list of the most mistake-filled movies of 2019 via the link below.