Captain Marvel Passes The Dark Knight At The Worldwide Box Office

Captain Marvel

Say what you want about Captain Marvel, but it’s proven to be quite the box office powerhouse. In fact, the flick starring Brie Larson recently became Marvel Studios’ latest billion dollar baby – and it’s actually now raked in more dough than what’s viewed by many to be one of the greatest – if not the greatest – comic book movie of all time.

In case you still haven’t figured it out, I’m talking about Christopher Nolan’s epic, The Dark Knight, which stormed theaters back in 2008 and became an instant classic. Having grossed $1.004 billion in its day, Batman’s showdown with the Joker now sits behind Carol Danvers’ big screen debut, which has accrued 1.038 billion at the time of this writing.

Of course, this will serve as the jumping point for a needless Marvel vs. DC debate on social media, but in all honesty, the amount of money any given movie makes doesn’t mean it’s better than another. Though I personally prefer The Dark Knight – by far – in this case, I concede that it’s all really a matter of opinion. If you agree with me when it comes to favoring Nolan’s offering, more power to you, but it’d be ridiculous to hold a grudge against anybody for leaning in the other direction.

As you may have figured, the aforementioned Brie Larson is no doubt among those smiling widest in the wake of Captain Marvel‘s success, saying the following in a recent Twitter post:

“Our girl Carol Danvers just joined the One Billion Club! Thank you endlessly for helping us cross this milestone. It has been a pleasure sharing this character with the world. I’ve loved seeing the cosplay, fan art and passionate words about our HERo. Higher Further Faster baby!”

Well, I’d say she’s made several keen observations right there. Although I’ve seen my share of Captain Marvel cosplayers at various conventions in recent years, I’m sure that crowd will grow generously before long. In my view, we should all be celebrating because a cool superhero is a cool superhero, regardless of gender.