Captain Marvel Prelude Comic Will Reveal Why Carol’s Returned To Earth


Not for the first time, Will Corona Pilgrim is about to fill in the blanks between one MCU release and the other with the official Captain Marvel prelude comic.

Set for release on November 14th, Marvel’s 32-page one-shot features art by Andrea Di Vito, and promises to chart the journey of Nick Fury and Maria Hill – Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders, respectively – as they set off on a quest to locate Carol Danvers.

This presumably ties into the shockingly bleak finale of Avengers: Infinity War, in which Earth’s Mightiest Heroes watched helplessly as half of the world’s population – nay, half of the universe’s population – was reduced by 50 percent in the blink of an eye.

Cut to the post-credits scene, and we see a similar fate befall Hill and Fury, but not before we catch a few lines of dialogue about their current mission – a mission that will now underpin the official Captain Marvel prelude comic, which is described as follows:

Before CAROL DANVERS takes flight in 2019’s first Marvel Studios film, immerse yourself in this all-new adventure! Spinning out of the mysterious events of Avengers: Infinity War, NICK FURY and MARIA HILL set off on life-or-death missions that lead directly to the appearance of CAPTAIN MARVEL!

As you’ll no doubt recall, Marvel’s prelude comics for Infinity War cast light on Captain America and his team of Secret Avengers as they set about avoiding the government and their Sokovia Accords. And Carol Danvers? It’s unclear as yet how her origin story will be woven into the fabric of the MCU, but this new prelude comic is a welcome reminder that we’re now very, very close to uncovering the answers we so crave.

Captain Marvel shoots for the skies on March 8th, 2019.