Is Captain Marvel A Prelude To An MCU Secret Invasion?


When news arrived that Captain Marvel would be introducing the shapeshifting warmongering aliens the Skrulls into the MCU for the first time, fans instantly predicted that this could pave the way for an adaptation of the “Secret Invasion” storyline from the comics. The fan favourite arc saw the Skrulls use their abilities to infiltrate human society and effectively invade the world without anyone realizing. The most shocking part of the story was that it revealed that several major superheroes had actually been Skrulls for years.

It would be a big deal to adapt “Secret Invasion” for the screen, then, but new evidence suggests that this could be exactly what Marvel Studios is going to do. The upcoming Marvel Studios Character Encyclopedia from DK Publishing features an entry on Captain Marvel‘s main villain, Skrull leader Talos (Ben Mendelsohn). And in it, there’s a tease that the race is preparing for a full-scale incursion of the Earth.

“The Skrulls are a strategic, military-minded species. Before a full-on invasion, they send a team of spies to explore the territory and report back on its inhabitants.”

It’s worth pointing out that the 1990s setting of Captain Marvel could be key here. You can see how it might play out, too. Talos is defeated in CM and Carol Danvers believes the Skrull invasion’s been foiled. However, due to their chameleonic powers, the aliens are still working on ingratiating themselves into significant jobs and positions. Fast forward twenty-something years and they could be ready to launch the attack, which the Avengers will have to deal with in a future movie.

But, if the MCU keeps the major twist of the comics, some of their number will turn out to be Skrulls. We’ve previously looked at which heroes are most likely to be fakes and concluded that the likes of Black Widow and Falcon, members of Cap’s Secret Avengers, could’ve been switched when they went off the grid following Captain America: Civil War.

If we’re right, then the beginnings of the MCU-changing storyline will unfold when Captain Marvel hits theaters in March.

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