Captain Marvel Producer Says Secret Invasion’s Been Discussed


Captain Marvel producer Jonathan Schwartz has revealed that not only will the upcoming MCU movie – the first to have a female lead – tell the origins of Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, but it may also sow the seeds for a major storyline to come in the future of the franchise. Namely, an adaptation of seminal comic book arc Secret Invasion.

Marvel comics fans have had Secret Invasion on the brain ever since the Skrulls were first announced to be the main villains of CM. But could the introduction of the shapeshifters in this movie pave the way for another film in which it’s revealed they’ve assimilated into Earth’s culture, including replacing several big name superheroes? Well, yes, it seems. There’s a very real chance that this could happen.

While speaking to the press about Captain Marvel, the topic of Secret Invasion inevitably came up and Schwartz confirmed that the film itself wouldn’t really touch on the comic, but that the team definitely discussed planting the idea of the storyline for the future.

“Yes we talked about Secret Invasion. I wouldn’t go into this movie saying ‘Which one of these superheroes is a Skrull?’ because Carol’s is more or less the first superhero to show up on Earth. But are we planting seeds for future movies? Always.”

That’s a pretty exciting confirmation right there. A Secret Invasion movie somewhere in Phase Four or Five could have huge repercussions. Imagine finding out that one of the heroes we’ve been following and cheering on for years has actually been a Skrull all this time. That would be a massive event, perhaps on a par with the cliffhanger of Avengers: Infinity War, so you can bet that Kevin Feige sees the potential in that story to make an excellent movie.

It’s also easy to see how Captain Marvel could line up the opportunity for an adaptation of the arc. Presuming that Carol defeats the Skrulls’ planned invasion in the 1990s, what if – now knowing that Earth is defended – the aliens decided to take a different approach next time, with their agents infiltrating the superhero community itself?

By the sounds of it, Captain Marvel is going to be all-important to the future of the MCU. Be sure to catch it in cinemas from March 8th.

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