Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson Is Super Into An All-Female Avengers Movie


Back in 2017, it was reported that Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff and Scarlett Johansson had all expressed an interest in making an all-female Marvel movie, and as the star of the MCU’s first female-led film, it comes as little surprise to hear that Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson is also pretty keen on the idea.

Speaking to Screen Rant, the Oscar-winner played coy about the future of the MCU, before affirming that she’s “super into” the idea of an all-female film:

“I’m scared and I don’t know what the future holds either. I’m not let into those top-secret meetings, so we’ll see. We’ll see what happens. I love all the female characters so much. So of course like that’s what I’m interested in. I’m super into an all-female Avengers movie. Yeah, I think that would just be, it would just be cool to see all of them interact together.”

Though Marvel Studios doesn’t appear to have a project like this scheduled for the next few years, producer Kevin Feige has previously claimed that the majority of MCU superheroes will soon be female, and if the studio aims to make good on their promises of better representation, then a predominantly female team-up movie seems almost inevitable.

In the meantime, Marvel looks set to bring us at least two female-led solo features in the next couple of years – namely, Captain Marvel and next year’s Black Widow film. In fact, 2020 is already set to be the biggest year ever for female-focused comic book flicks, with the DCEU beating Marvel to the punch with their own all-female team-up movie, Birds of Prey, followed a few months later by Wonder Woman 1984.

But before all that comes our way, this week belongs to Captain Marvel, which has been the subject of a lot of praise today now that the review embargo has lifted. You can judge for yourself if the film is worth all the hype when it arrives in theaters on March 8th.

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