Clever Fan Edit Tweaks Captain Marvel’s Suit To A More Familiar Red-And-Gold Ensemble


UPDATE: These photos have been removed. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Teal, navy, and silver – three colors you wouldn’t associate with Captain Marvel. Not in her current run, at least.

And yet, that’s exactly the color scheme we were treated to earlier this afternoon, when Page Six relayed the first photos of Brie Larson fully suited up as Carol Danvers and her superpowered alter-ego. Yes, it’s fair to say that a navy-and-teal ensemble is not what we were expecting, but there’s precedent for Carol donning a lime-green costume in Marvel Comics.

Years ago, when Captain Marvel was just beginning to carve out an audience of her own, Carol typically wore the famous green and white uniform of the Kree, before settling on the much more familiar red-and-gold color palette.

Couple this with the fact that Captain Marvel largely takes place in the 1990s, long before Nick Fury dreamed up his Avengers Initiative, and it’s clear that Brie Larson’s heroine will work her way through one or two wardrobe changes before she graduates to her gilded super-suit in time for Avengers 4. Leave it to Reddit (via Heroic Hollywood), then, to speed up the process and deliver a fan edit of Carol’s final suit.

For the sake of context, we’ve also included one of Captain Marvel‘s early issues, on which you’ll see an alien, Green Lantern-esque get-up for the titular hero.

Marvel’s first female-led solo movie is evidently borrowing story cues from its source material, then, and with filming now underway in Atlanta, we’ll be able to watch as Captain Marvel falls into place before our very eyes. Because let’s face it, once Infinity War has come and gone, and Black Panther and Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man sequel have raked in the box office cash, 2019 will really be the year of Carol Danvers.