Captain Marvel May Have Teased The Next Big Bad Of The MCU


Thanos may currently be the most powerful being in the MCU, but he’s also pretty obviously doomed to failure, seeing how the upcoming Avengers: Endgame will inevitably see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes emerge triumphant. But once the Mad Titan is out of the picture, the cinematic universe will likely be in need a new big bad to drive the overarching narrative of Marvel’s next couple of phases. That’s where this recent theory from comes in, which contains a few spoilers for the new Captain Marvel.

In recent months, Marvel Studios has made their intentions pretty clear to place Carol Danvers at the forefront of the MCU moving forward. It would therefore be only fitting if the next major, multi-movie threat was teased in her solo debut, and it just so happens that one particular character has the potential to cause a lot of trouble for Carol and her fellow superheroes.

We are referring to the Supreme Intelligence, who remains an enemy at large by the end of Captain Marvel. Though the ruler of the Kree Empire seems largely concerned with wiping out the Skrulls in the new film, observes how the villain has greater ambitions in the comics, much of them involving involving evolutionary advancement and genetic experimentation.

It’s an interesting idea, though we’ve yet to see much evidence that the Supreme Intelligence will be a threat on the same level as Thanos. In fact, with Kevin Feige recently hinting that Captain Marvel 2 may be another period film that picks up where the first movie left off, there’s a distinct possibility that the Intelligence will be a character whose significance is largely relegated to Carol’s solo adventures. Regardless, just as Thanos made his MCU debut at the end of The Avengers, perhaps Avengers: Endgame can offer a tease of his successor when it comes out on April 26th.