55 New Captain Marvel Photos Bring Us Closer To Carol’s Big Debut


The latest Captain Marvel trailer throws a lot of footage at us, and fast, but if you’d like to take the time to soak in some of the many memorable moments that this footage has to offer, Comic Book Movie has compiled an exciting array of stills that you can find in the gallery below.

These images span the course of the two-minute-plus clip, from the notorious scene of Carol Danvers punching an old woman in the face, to Nick Fury’s cutesy exchange with her pet cat, who may or may not be an alien creature. In between, we witness Carol in a range of colorful environments and costumes, along with her various supporting players, including Annette Bening as an unnamed Kree, Jude Law as someone who might be Yon-Rogg, and Ben Mendelsohn as the villainous Talos, seen here in both Skrull and human form. There’s even a probable glimpse of Ronan the Accuser, as the future Guardians of the Galaxy antagonist stares out the window of a spaceship.

Overall, the new trailer has given us a lot to process, and you can bet that fans will continue to pore over the footage even as the seemingly impending promotion for Avengers 4 and Spider-Man: Far From Home comes our way.

With both of those MCU installments rumored to be getting their first teasers in the coming days, this could end up being a pretty huge week for Marvel, though it’s clear that the Captain Marvel trailer has got the internet pumped up enough already. We’ll find out if Carol Danvers’ big screen debut can live up to the hype when the film hits theaters on March 8th, 2019.