Captain Marvel Director Teases Ideas For Goose Spinoff


Captain Marvel released earlier this year and made a killing at the box office. So successful was the film that setting up a sequel was a no-brainer. But in an interesting turn, it seems that a non-human member of the cast might also be getting its own spinoff movie.

Fans of Captain Marvel will remember Carol Danvers’ adorable pet cat Goose, who turned out to be a member of a powerful alien species known as a Flerken. Goose quickly became a fan favorite character given its many adorable moments in the film and the fact that it could annihilate an army of Kree soldiers within seconds.

Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck recently confirmed that Goose had always been a part of the mythology from the comics that they’d wanted to explore in the movie as well. Fleck also proceeded to flesh out what a standalone Goose flick would look like, saying:

“Like you said if there were a spinoff, maybe we go inside the Flerken. Like what if Talos got sucked in and then you could spend time with a Flerken and Talos.”

So, there you have it. A Goose spinoff might see Talos, the Skrull enemy-turned-friend get stuck inside the pocket dimension that Goose sent the Kree soldiers to in the original film. This would also tie into an angle that was played up in the first movie, where Talos recognizes the threat posed by the innocent looking ginger cat and was visibly afraid of it.

MCU execs might not be too enthusiastic about a Marvel movie that centers around a cat, but plans for future appearances by Carol Danvers are still in full force, with another fan-favorite character from the mythos, Kamala Khan AKA Miss Marvel, strongly rumored to be making an entry into the cinematic universe with Captain Marvel 2.