New Fan Art Depicts Captain Marvel’s Reaction To Avengers: Infinity War’s Snap


We’ll have to wait until at least Captain Marvel‘s release in March 2019 to see how accurate this artist’s interpretation is, but until then, what we have for you today is a tantalizing glimpse at how Carol Danvers may have reacted to the news of Thanos’ finger snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

As it’s no doubt still etched in your head, it seems a shame to dredge up painful memories, but we can get through this together, right? If you’ll recall, the only nod to Captain Marvel in the film comes in the post-credits scene, which had everyone shouting “Mother-F…!” After losing half of our heroes, we join Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill and Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury who, after witnessing others succumb to the snap, start to disappear themselves.

Before Fury goes though, he manages to use his beeper to send one last call for help and as the camera pulls away, we see Captain Marvel’s star symbol on the device. Artist Stephen Byrne has now taken it one step further though and depicted how the heroine may have reacted to the message.

As you can see above, whilst mid-fight with a green-skinned alien, Danvers looks disappointed to see her opponent crumble before her in the same way as Fury et al. It’s then that she notices her beeper with the transmission code. That’s as far as the art takes us, unfortunately, but if nothing else, it’s an intriguing look at how Captain Marvel may get drawn into the battle.

We’ll no doubt learn much more in March 2019 when the Brie Larson-led solo flick hits theaters, but until then, tell us how you think Danvers might’ve reacted to Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War by dropping a comment down below.

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