Captain Phasma Heads Into Battle In New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Still


Another day, another barrage of updates, images and TV clips for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Earlier today, we were treated to the film’s very first clip, showcasing Rey and Finn making a break across the sun-kissed plains of Jakku. But now, our attention has been pulled toward the other side of the Force and, specifically, in the direction of Gwendoline Christie’s formidable, chrome-laden Captain Phasma.

Arriving by way of Empire, the action shot depicts Christie’s reticent and elite Stormtropper march resolutely into battle, blaster in hand. It’s a rather striking image, and one that ought to be familiar to those who have gleaned through every mainline trailer released.


That’s because the scene surrounding Captain Phasma resembles the footage from the most recent trailer that showcases the relentless force of the First Order wreaking havoc across a desolate outcrop. Ruling over the galaxy with an iron fist, it is this totalitarian regime that poses the biggest threat in The Force Awakens, buoyed by a planet-shattering weapon of mass destruction and an-all powerful leader in Andy Serkis’ CG character, Supreme Leader Snoke.

Aiming to bring them down to size once more is the Resistance, the second generation of the Rebel Alliance that will be headlined by old and new faces alike, with the likes of Carrie Fisher’s General Leia taking on a more advisory role in the midst of the galactic war.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will jump-start Disney’s dormant juggernaut when J.J. Abrams space-faring sequel opens on December 18 – with less lens flare, too.