Captain Phasma, X-Wings And More Featured In Star Wars: The Last Jedi Footage Recap


/Film has relayed a detailed breakdown of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi footage shown during Disney’s shareholders’ meeting yesterday.

Embedded below, the collection of bullet points align with most, if not all of the social media posts that found their way online soon after the investors’ conference. In saying that, if you’re wary of spoiling The Last Jedi before it zooms into theaters on December 15th, we’d advise bookmarking this page and returning at a later date – likely around the time of Star Wars Celebration, when the Mouse House is expected to drop the teaser trailer online – to deduce whether /Film’s breakdown is indeed accurate.

Chances are though, the outlet is onto something. Citing a report turned in by Matthew Hansen, who attended yesterday’s event in Denver, Colorado, we’re inclined to believe that the purported trailer tidbits below are fairly concrete. From Rey in Jedi training to Poe Dameron soaring through the sky in an X-Wing – BB-8 in tow, of course – these are exactly the kind of spine-tingling moments one might expect in a sequel designed to bridge the gap between The Force Awakens the inevitable Star Wars: Episode IX. Heck, there’s even a tease suggesting Finn (John Boyega) will be going undercover a la Jyn Erso.

Here’s the detailed overview, courtesy of /Film:

  • An interior shot from Star Wars: The Last Jedi featuring Luke Skywalker (in some sort of cave or maybe one of the stone huts seen on his island?) saying “Who are you?”
  • Poe Dameron in his X-Wing yelling “It’s now or never” as it cuts back to BB-8.
  • Fighters flying through a line-up of the Resistance fleet – had a feel similar to Rogue One over Scarif.
  • Chewbacca roars.
  • A shot of Captain Phasma.
  • Finn dressed as a First Order Officer on the bridge of a First Order ship.
  • Several shots of Rey igniting and spinning Luke’s lightsaber.
  • Rey’s hand, in slow motion, with all five fingertips touching the ground and pebbles and dirt hovering around her hand.
  • Leia turning to the camera with a hologram of the fleet behind her
  • An X-wing flying into a hangar, possibly the Resistance’s since it looked like another X-wing was parked there – with the nose of the X-wing flaring/popping upwards as the X-wing braked quickly in the air.
  • There was also a wide shot of the island, with Rey out on the point of a ridge practicing with her lightsaber as Luke is farther up the ridge, looking down towards her.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is earmarked for December 15th. It’s the third blockbuster to release under Disney and Lucasfilm’s new wave of Star Wars movies following The Force Awakens and Rogue One, which have collected an eye-watering $3.1 billion between them. No pressure, then.

Source: /Film