Carol Will Need A Few Films To Recover From The Events Of Captain Marvel


From the sound of things, Carol Danvers’ future in the MCU is going to extend well beyond her initial introductory film, and it’s a good thing, too, because she might need the runtime of several projects to recover from the events of next year’s Captain Marvel.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, actor Ben Mendelsohn explained that while audiences will surely be rooting for Brie Larson’s character, she likely isn’t going to come out of her first picture unscathed.

“It’s very touching, actually,” Mendelsohn said. “I mean, you want her to win. Now, unfortunately, not every fairytale turns out that well. Sometimes you meet a Skrull. But Carol’s resourceful. She’s going to have a few films to get over this and maybe come back from this. We’ll see.”

While Mendelsohn may seem sympathetic, he’ll likely be giving Carol a pretty hard time in next year’s release, assuming the role of the villainous Talos, leader of the shape-shifting Skrulls. Since Mendelsohn has already shown some affection for his fellow green-skinned extra-terrestrials, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to hear him say that the Skrulls could be more than a match for the most powerful superhero in the MCU.

“You’ve gotta be a bit more careful of Carol than the Kree. But I think as far as we’re concerned in the Skrull world, she’s kind of like a major obstacle. I still think we can take her. If we had to — if we had to, had to, had to — we could take Carol.”

Seeing how the character’s arrival was teased at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, it’s safe to assume that Captain Marvel survived her first encounter with the Skrulls back in the ‘90s. All the same, it is a little suspicious that Carol has been seemingly absent from the action in the years since, making it a distinct possibility that the events of Captain Marvel will leave her in a pretty bad place.

Regardless, we expect to receive some answers when the film finally arrives on March 8th, 2019, before her story shifts to the present day in Avengers 4, which opens May 3rd of the same year.