Jim Carrey Out, Russell Brand In For Pierre-Pierre

Larry Charles, most well known for being Sacha Baron Cohen’s directorial compadre (the duo worked together on Borat, Bruno and The Dictator), will be at the helm of Pierre Pierre, a raunchy comedy following the actions and strange interventions of a French nihilist who’s transporting a stolen painting from Paris to London.

The script comes from first-timers Edwin Cannistraci and Frederick Seton, originally picked up four years ago by Fox Atomic for the hefty sum of a million dollars. Rumoured once to have been a Jim Carrey project, after spending some time on the shelf, the film appears to be back on its legs with the attachment of Russell Brand as its new star.

Following Brand’s much publicized divorce and his stints on FX’s Brand X, this could be the film to solidify a spot for the actor on the A-list of comedy, or prove his inability to captivate as a stand-out, leading man.

As for Charles, he’s had much success with Baron Cohen’s comedic foreigners, so perhaps he’ll get laughs with the similarly witty (and silly) Brand.

What do you think? Are Charles and Brand a winning combination?

Source: First Showing