New Carrie Clip Warns Julianne Moore, Plus Creepy New Photos


With its Halloween-ready release date quickly approaching, Screen Gems’ update of the Brian de Palma classic Carrie has been busy setting the internet ablaze with lots of new clips and photos, most highlighting the performances of teen star Chloe Moretz, as the titular telekinetic teen, and Julianne Moore, as her wacked-out fundamentalist mother.

The newest clip from the Kimberley Peirce-directed film shows Carrie happily preparing for prom before utilizing her newly-discovering abilities to finally stand up to her abusive, manipulative mother.

Check it out right here, courtesy of IGN:

Buzz surrounding the remake has been generally divided, with some moviegoers questioning the need for another Carrie and others growing increasingly excited to see a modernized take on the story. I’m certainly in the latter camp, mostly because of Moretz. The young actress has repeatedly proven her ability to deliver tremendous performances in complex, twisted roles; her Hit-Girl was the best part of both Kick-Ass films, while my favorite horror film of the past decade, Let Me In, found her playing a young vampire in 1980s New Mexico. Julianne Moore also looks downright terrifying as Margaret White.

Below, you can look through some new stills from Carrie, which incorporate almost all of the film’s supporting cast – only Judy Greer’s sympathetic gym teacher Miss Desjardin is missing. Director Kimberley Peirce also appears in one behind-the-scenes shot.

Aside from Moretz, Moore and Greer, the cast of Carrie includes Portia Doubleday as sadistic bully Chris Hargensen, Alex Russell as her dimwitted boyfriend Billy Nolan, Gabriella Wilde as well-meaning Sue Snell, and Ansel Elgort as her courteous, athletic boyfriend Tommy Ross.

So far, the marketing campaign for Carrie has focused more on the main character’s fractured home life than her fearsome telekinetic powers, but previous trailers have given us some hints at the absolutely massive carnage Carrie ends up unleashing on her classmates at the infamous ‘Black Prom.’ The remake’s R-rating may deter a large part of its teen target audience, but at least fans of the original can rest easy knowing that the new Carrie won’t shy away from the same blood and gore found in the original film.

Will you be checking out the new Carrie, or do you think that this is just another remake destined to pale in comparison to the original? Let us know in the comments section.

Carrie opens on October 18th.