Cars 3 Concept Art Races Online, Sequel Will Find McQueen As A Seasoned Veteran

Lightning McQueen broke onto the scene as an up-and-coming rookie in the Piston Cup, before storming to the World Grand Prix five years later for Cars 2. But come 2017, Owen Wilson’s cocksure racer will be held up a seasoned veteran, paving the way for a story that involves McQueen entering a heated competition with the new kid on the block.

That’s the core premise fuelling Pixar’s upcoming sequel Cars 3, according to director Brian Fee, who shared the first details and concept art for the follow-up to USA Today.

Having assumed the role of storyboard animator across both Cars 1 and 2 – directed by Pixar stalwart John Lasseter – the stage is well set for Fee’s directorial debut and here, the filmmaker outlines the journey that awaits an older, slightly more grouchy Lightning McQueen.

“Think of where he’d be in his career now in real time. (McQueen) is not an old man, but he’s one of the older cars on the circuit with new rookies coming in. People start to wonder and ask when he might retire. Jackson Storm is the face of these rookies who have come onto the scene,” says Fee. “And McQueen is in a position where his entire racing generation is being pushed out. But it’s too early to be shown the door right now.”

In tailoring the story at the heart of Cars 3, Fee and his writing team doubled down on those universal themes of struggling to keep up with the pace of life and, essentially, getting older.

“Everyone can relate to feeling like someone is at their heels, that they might be a little outdated in something they used to be very good at, feeling an expiration date. And knowing you need someone to help you get a second chance.”

Cars 3 is slated to make a break for theaters on June 16, 2017.