Cars 3 Is In The Works According To Voice Actor


Remember how beloved the sequel to Pixar’s Cars was with critics? No? Well, remember how it made a whole bunch of money anyway? If not, you can be assured that it most definitely did, and since Pixar seems hellbent on destroying all the good will it had built among fans of quality animated films, they’re revving their engines and getting ready for a road trip back to their grove of money trees with Cars 3.

This news comes courtesy of loose-lipped “historical consultant” and voice actor Michael Wallis, who voiced the character of the Sheriff in the first two Cars movies and also wrote the book Route 66: The Mother Road, which is an accurate historical account of how the famous Route 66 literally gave birth to a docile, peace-loving race of talking cars who were then wiped out by the evil Henry Ford and his race of mute, anti-Semitic Model T’s. Or, you know, something like that.

In case you’ve forgotten the premise of the Cars series of animated films, here it is: talking cars. Owen Wilson has anchored the series as the hotshot race car Lightning McQueen, and Larry the Cable Guy has made you want to shove hot pokers in your ears as Mater, the rusted-out, redneck pick up truck who likes to “get r done,” as the kids are fond of saying.

Keep in mind that Cars 3 has not been confirmed by Pixar. So far we only have the word of a single voice-acting historical consultant to go by. But let’s face it: the first two movies made a whole lot of money, money talks (or at least it will in the upcoming Pixar film Money), and a third Cars movie seems just short of inevitable at this point. The scuttlebutt is that we can expect the movie to come out sometime in 2017, no doubt in 3D and with so many product tie-ins that you could literally drown in them (and will want to, because you live in a world in which Cars 3 exists).