The Cast Of Entourage Has Been Reunited In First Set Pics


Despite a lot, and we do mean a lot, of production troubles, Warner Bros. has finally given the green light to the Entourage movie and filming is about to get underway next week. To prove it, both Jeremy Piven and creator Doug Ellin have Tweeted photos from the set, or somewhere close by, which can be seen below.

Sure, these photos reveal absolutely nothing, but it’s definitely nice to see the gang reunited after all these years. As someone who absolutely loved Entourage during its time on HBO, I’m extremely excited that the movie is finally coming together. It’s been a long wait and I’m pretty confident that it will have been worth it once all is said and done. They’ve had so much time to come up with the perfect script that I can’t imagine them dropping the ball. Especially since they’ve gone through a tremendous amount of trouble to put the movie together.

Tell us, do you have high hopes for the Entourage movie? Let us know in the comments section below.