Casting Announcement For The Batman May Be Slightly Delayed

Justice-League-Batman-Ben-Affleck (1)

Now that Ben Affleck has actually vacated the iconic role, the search is on for the next guy to play the Batman. Having first appeared on the silver screen in 1943, the Caped Crusader has been recast several times in the decades to follow. That said, it’s only natural for this to be a hot topic whenever it comes time to fill the void. Heck, most of these instances have arrived within our lifetime, so you should know how this dance works.

If you’ve been following the current situation as closely as we have, then you probably heard some chatter stating that the new Dark Knight could’ve been revealed this week. Cool as that would be, I’m not so sure if now would be a good time to make a big announcement since Avengers: Endgame is taking up so much of the spotlight.

Regardless, it looks like we’re going to have to play the waiting game for a little longer, as Variety’s Justin Kroll Tweeted the following:

“Here’s a small BATMAN update for you: hearing the script is still being polished up and that there’s a possibility shooting begins at the top of 2020 instead of fall 2019. Which means it’ll probably still be a minute before we find out who the next Caped Crusader will be.”

Previously, it’d been reported that shooting could begin in December, so pushing that until, say, January wouldn’t be much of a big deal at all. Regardless, I think we’ll learn who the new Batman is with a little time to spare before then.

But once the ball really starts rolling, expect for all sorts of exciting news to hit the web. If you’ll recall, it’s been said that as many as four villains might be featured, which is certainly most fun to ponder. Considering how the Masked Manhunter boasts what is arguably the greatest rogues galleries in all of comics, that leaves Matt Reeves so much inspiration from which to draw.

The Batman opens in theaters on June 25th, 2021.