Catch A Sneak Peek Of The New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer


After much speculation, Lucasfilm has finally confirmed that the next trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi will debut during Monday Night Football tomorrow, October 9th. The studio announced that it’d be premiering at halftime, and given that the game starts at 5:15 pm PST/8:15 pm EST, you can expect the footage to arrive some time around 7pm PST/10pm EST.

Not only that, but to get us all even more excited, they’ve also released two quick sneak peeks of the preview, which you can check out up above. Admittedly, neither of them show us very much, focusing mostly on just Rey and Luke (or his hands, at least), but it’s more than enough and should help whet the appetites of eager fans who’ve been waiting for that new trailer ever since Celebration back in April.

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on what the next preview may show, but a leaked description began making the rounds the other week and though unconfirmed, it pointed to footage of Finn and Rose on Canto Bight, Luke training Rey, and Kylo Ren staring on in anger from aboard the Mega Star Destroyer. Again, there’s been nothing to verify that report as of yet, but we don’t have too much longer to go now before we find out for sure what Lucasfilm plans to give us.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been penciled in for a release on December 15th. Its untitled sequel, meanwhile, Episode IX, has since found a new director (J.J. Abrams) and release date (December 20th, 2019), placing it right alongside Warner’s Wonder Woman 2.

Furthermore, word is Rian Johnson and Co. have rustled up a cliffhanger ending – not unlike Empire – which ought to leave Star Wars fans on edge right up until the launch of the J.J. Abrams’ film in 2019. And that’s December 2019, after Lucasfilm chose to delay the threequel soon after the swift appointment of the aforementioned director.