Cate Blanchett Will Make Directorial Debut With The Dinner


There’s no doubt that Cate Blanchett is excellent on screen. In fact, many would go as far to call her one of the finest performers of our time. But like so many award-winning actors, Blanchett isn’t content to continue mastering that craft, and she’s moving behind the camera for her directorial debut, which we now know will be called The Dinner.

This film will be an adaptation of Herman Koch’s novel of the same name. The screenplay was written by Oren Moverman (The Messenger, Rampart) and the story follows two couples as they share a meal. That dinner turns dark when the conversation shifts to a horrible act involving their teenage sons. As the talk moves onto that subject, civility is tossed aside and both sets of parents show just how far they’ll go to protect their sons.

Recently, we’ve seen many excellent actors turn to directing and have great success. George Clooney gets better with every film, and I have a hunch a nomination isn’t far off for him. Of course there’s also Ben Affleck, who many feel was snubbed out of a nomination this past year (and many more would argue isn’t an excellent actor, but that’s besides the point).

I think with Blanchett’s experience acting under some of the best directors around (David Fincher, Ridley Scott, Woody Allen, and Martin Scorsese to name a few), she certainly has had the opportunity to learn a lot about what it takes to succeed behind the camera. That being said, directing is no easy task, so she may not be suited for it, but I’m cautiously optimistic about this one.

What do you think of The Dinner serving as Blanchett’s directorial debut? And for those who have read the novel, what do you think about it getting the big screen treatment? Head on down to the comments section to share your thoughts.