Cate Blanchett Discusses Hela’s Role In Thor: Ragnarok And How Much Action She’ll See


Now that a first look at Thor: Ragnarok has finally been revealed, it’s clear that this is going to be a Marvel Studios movie like no other. That’s a fact some fans may struggle to accept, but if there’s one element of the threequel that everyone wants to see done right, it’s Cate Blanchett’s Hela.

Based on new comments from the actress, it sounds like we can definitely expect the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of the iconic villain to deliver, and that starts with her being a force to be reckoned with in Thor: Ragnarok. How exactly will the studio make sure she’s a formidable opponent for the God of Thunder? Well, for one, she’s going to have some awesome weapons.

“She’s able to manifest weapons. Her headdress can be weapons. She can manifest weapons out of different parts of her body. I won’t tell you which — I’ll leave that hanging.”

As for what Hela will be getting up to in Thor: Ragnarok, it sounds like she will indeed set her sights on ruling over Asgard, something which is going to be problematic for Loki considering the fact he’s currently sitting on the throne impersonating his father, Odin.

“Well, Asgard is so good. I mean one only need to have a mildly unpleasant thought and you’re considered evil. Everyone is too perfect. Why not mess it all up? It’s easy to play bad but, like when I was in Cinderella, like what makes the stepmother evil is interesting. So, it was trying to in the screen time I had to tease that stuff and to give her a journey really. So hopefully we’re given her a journey, like how you understand why Loki is as screwed up as he is. Hopefully, there’s that satisfaction in watching Hela.”

As for exactly how much action the villain will see here, it sounds like we can expect the character to be every bit as powerful physically as she is dangerous when wielding the weapons mentioned above.

“There’s a bit of wire work. I worked with the legend Zoe Bell (Grindhouse). I did as much as was humanly possible for a middle-aged mother of four [laughs]. I learned so much. All sorts of capoeira stuff. All the stunts and the fights were really interestingly choreographed. But I did train, ostensibly, so I wouldn’t injure myself.”

So, the signs are pointing to Thor: Ragnarok delivering both a memorable villain and a strong female lead who will be every bit as powerful as the men she squares off with. Sounds good to us! The prevailing fan theory is that Hela will appear in Avengers: Infinity War as well, taking Death’s place as someone Thanos lusts after, but that’s just a rumour for the time being.

Until we learn more, tell us, what are you most excited about seeing from the character in the upcoming threequel? Let us know in the usual place.