Catfish Directors Taking On Paranormal Activity 3

Bloody Disgusting is bringing us some bloody awful news today. Paranormal Activity 3 is heading into theatres in about 5 months (October 21st) and Paramount has found some directors to helm the film. Catfish directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman will be behind the camera to deliver yet another crappy sequel to a franchise that should have never begun.

Worse is the fact that Joost and Shulman’s film Catfish was god awful. So we have terrible directors directing what will surely be a terrible film, sounds like a good formula for some box office business wouldn’t you say? I didn’t like Catfish, at all. It got very mixed reviews and spurred a lot of debate but I personally thought it was an awful film. As for Paranormal Activity, nothing is stupider than that series, I seriously don’t understand how people enjoy those films.

This is one film I’ll be staying very very far away from.