Is There A Catwoman Easter Egg Hidden In Justice League?


Justice League features enough easter eggs to DC lore to fill the Batcave, and we’ve already pointed out a few of the best. But there’s one that’s seemingly slipped by most fans: a potential nod to Batman’s femme fatale (and fiancee, in current comic books), Catwoman.

At the end of the movie, part of a montage shows that Diana has finally stepped into the light as Wonder Woman, as she’s seen foiling a robbery at a museum. In the background of the scene, we can see a sophisticated-looking lady being arrested for the crime. One eagle-eyed fan on Reddit, username Tsarita, has theorized that this could be Selina Kyle, saying the following about it:

“Right in the final montage of the movie, right before the final shot where Superman flies off, there’s that part right by the museum with Diana,” Tsarita wrote. “There’s cops and couple of them are escorting a young lady dressed in red (very classy, reminiscing of a Audrey Hepburn kind of style, with big updo and big fancy sunglasses) towards a car. The camera PANS ON her for a second, and it’s in focus. It felt like they wanted us to pay attention to her, as she was in focus for a long time.”

Other comments chimed in to mention that Wonder Woman is seen returning the stolen item to a crate, and it’s an effigy of a cat. Meanwhile, one of the children who gather around Diana is wearing cat ears. Coincidence or not? Check out the screenshot below and see what you think.

There’s a strong possibility that fans could be onto something here. Catwoman is set to enter the DCEU at some point in Gotham City Sirens, where she’ll team up with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Black Mask was also rumoured to be the main villain in that movie and his company, Janus Cosmetics, was referenced in Justice League.

Given the fact that Wonder Woman is apprehending the criminal and not Batman though means that this could be a nod to Cheetah instead, one of Diana’s most frequent nemeses. The cat references could still apply to that character and, in some iterations, Cheetah is originally an aristocratic woman driven to crime.

What do you think, though? Could this be our first look at the DCEU’s Catwoman? Unleash your Justice League theories in the comments section down below.