Celebrate Bill Murray Day With First Clip From St. Vincent


In case you missed the announcement coming out of the Toronto International Film Festival, today is now officially Bill Murray Day, in celebration of which TIFF has been providing free screenings of Stripes, Ghostbusters, and Groundhog Day. So while you decorate your Bill Murray tree and prepare to sing your Bill Murray carols, you can watch the first clip of Murray’s latest performance in St. Vincent, the very film screening at TIFF today.

Murray plays the titular character, an irascible lover of booze and laziness who finds himself babysitting for the lady next door, played by Melissa McCarthy. As we might predict, Vincent winds up earning his charge’s respect while at the same time angering the boy’s mother by exposing him to strip clubs, racetracks, and dive bars. This being Murray, he’ll probably do it in such a charming manner that McCarthy will forgive him immediately, or at least by the end of the film.

This first clip does exactly what it says on the tin: we see Murray lounging around his dirt patch of a yard while Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher) mows the dirt around him. McCarthy appears to admonish the old man, who claims that he’s showing Oliver the value of hard work and getting paid.

While I am no fan of redemption narratives – they’re too often predictable – I am a fan of Murray and of McCarthy, which is enough to get me into a seat for St. Vincent. Having read that the rest of the cast includes Naomi Watts, Chris O’Dowd, and Terrence Howard, I have decided to ignore my concerns about redemption and get excited for this film. Hopefully first-time feature director Theodore Melfi will not disappoint.

St. Vincent premieres at TIFF today, and will have its wide release on October 24. You can check out the first clip below.

Source: EW