Celebrate Justice League’s Arrival With New Behind-The-Scenes Pics


As moviegoers flock to see Justice League on the big, big screen, Entertainment Weekly has been piecing together The Ultimate Guide.

Now available via Amazon and other online retailers, this is a paperback teeming with DC-related goodies, including candid set photos and in-depth interviews designed to spotlight the human element underpinning Warner’s mega-budget ensemble. In fact, Justice League‘s final production budget and marketing costs totaled $250 million, according to a new report, which certainly explains why the Powers That Be are looking to this weekend’s box office with a mixture of hope and trepidation.

Thor: Ragnarok is the one to beat, after the Marvel threequel collected $127.7 million in its domestic bow, though Justice League is said to be tracking for the relatively low figure of $110 million in light of those mixed reviews.

Leave it to Entertainment Weekly’s Ultimate Guide, then, to cut through the noise and deliver four all-new photos from the Justice League set:

Featuring a ragtag group comprised of Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher), the Justice League of America is brought together by Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince, and Gal Gadot believes the latter can be seen as an anchor point within DC’s super-team.

She feels responsible for them in a way. She’s been fighting for so many years, so many decades, but all of a sudden she has these newcomers, and some of them are teenagers. She’s very protective of them.

When asked about Joss Whedon’s input, Gadot admitted that it was unusual to start filming with one director only to reach the finish line with another.

It’s been different. It’s the first time I’ve been working on a film starting with one director and finishing with a different one. It’s been an interesting experience. A positive experience.

Justice League opens today, November 17th, and the DC Extended Universe will never be the same again.