Channing Tatum May Direct The Gambit Movie Himself


At this point, the internet is intensely skeptical that Gambit will ever make it into theaters. We’ve been writing about various permutations of the film for years, as it cycles through directors and continues to get delayed further and further. But back in the fall, 20th Century Fox announced that the pic would finally hit cinemas on March 13th, 2020. And while that’s great to hear, not everyone’s buying it.

After all, fans have long had their doubts about the project, especially in light of those aforementioned delays and in October, producer Simon Kinberg even went on record to address the public’s skepticism, telling the doubters that: “I share your cynicism generally, but in this particular case we’re working very hard to get the movie going.” However, here we are, almost in February now and there’ve still been no updates.

In fact, a recent rumor even stated that Gambit had been cancelled outright, and though that remains to be confirmed, things certainly don’t seem to be going well for the pic. But there may be a sliver of hope, as Deadline reports that star Channing Tatum has had enough of the production troubles and might just get behind the camera himself in an effort to finally get the project off the ground.

Of course, even if Tatum does end up deciding to direct, there’s still no guarantee that this film will ever see the light of day. It would, however, at least have a better chance of finally taking flight as we know that the actor won’t be departing Gambit like so many others before him have.

That being said, if you ask us, it’s looking pretty unlikely at this point that the X-Men spinoff will ever materialize, especially with the Disney/Fox merger about to close, but it’s good to hear that Tatum continues to fight for it and as soon as we receive any further updates on the movie’s status, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Deadline