Channing Tatum To Produce And Star In Untitled Crime Thriller For Sony


Sony Pictures is hoping to send Channing Tatum undercover once again, as the studio has just picked up an untitled crime thriller which the actor will both star in and produce. Inspired by a true story, the 1970’s set film will follow an ordinary family man who “risks everything by going undercover to take down the biggest mob boss in the country.”

Scripted by Kristin Gore (who penned David O. Russell’s incomplete Nailed), this project certainly sounds like it could provide a nice meaty role for Tatum to sink his teeth into. After showing off both his comedic and action chops over the past couple of years, with films like White House Down, 21 Jump Street (and its sequel), Haywire and several others, it will be nice to see him return to a more serious, grounded and dramatic role.

Plus, a crime thriller is one of the few movies that Tatum hasn’t made yet. At this point, the actor has kind of done it all, whether it be romance, drama, action, comedy, etc. He’s even adding sci-fi to his slate this summer with Jupiter Ascending. Though the premise for this upcoming crime thriller does sound a tad bit generic (we’ve kind of seen this story a million times before), I have no doubt that Tatum’s star power will be able to elevate it into another impressive piece of his work for his already stellar resume.

Tell us, are you excited to see Channing Tatum star in Sony’s untitled crime thriller? Or would you prefer to see him keep flexing his comedic and action chops? Let us know in the comments section below.


Source: THR