Channing Tatum wants Brad Pitt in the next ‘Jump Street’ movie

21 jump street

The Jump Street franchise remains in stasis for the time being, which is a crying shame when the series had almost limitless potential to keep dropping Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill’s undercover cops into ridiculous situations.

Sure, it was revealed not too long ago that the female-driven spinoff Now For Her Pleasure was moving forward behind the scenes, but the project has been in the works since late 2016, and it hasn’t even come close to getting in front of cameras.

It’s also been eight years since 22 Jump Street was released, so the chances of another entry in the main saga grows continually slimmer. Tatum recently admitted he hasn’t entirely given up hope on seeing Men in Black crossover MiB23 becoming a reality, but he’d also love one of his more recent co-stars to get involved should another movie happen.

Sandra Bullock made a cameo in Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train in exchange for having the A-lister return the favor in upcoming romantic action comedy The Lost City, where he clearly hit it off with Tatum. Speaking to VMAN, the Magic Mike star revealed he’d love Pitt to get in on the Jump Street action.

“Brad in this movie is hilarious. If we ever do Jump Street 3, we have to — I’m telling you, he’s comic gold if you put him with the right character.”

Pitt’s comedic talents are one of the most underrated aspects of his onscreen arsenal, and with Johnny Depp, Seth Rogen, Bill Hader, Anna Faris, and more having made cameos in the first two Jump Street installments, there’s already a precedent in place for big names popping up unexpectedly, we just need the thing to actually come together.