New It: Chapter Two TV Spots Tease Plenty Of Scares

It: Chapter Two Trailer

Horror fans and literary junkies won’t have to wait much longer to watch It: Chapter Two. The follow-up to the 2017 adaptation of the Stephen King novel will pick up 27 years after the events of It. 

The Losers’ Club, in an effort to fulfill their promise to protect the world from Pennywise, return to the town of Derry in order to fend off evil once more. While the child actors and actresses from the first movie will be reprising their roles, a handful of A-list celebs have also joined the cast as well, seeing as how the film takes place decades later.

A couple of weeks ago, Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema released a brand new trailer in time for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and now, they’re following it up with a handful of TV spots. You’ll have to head on over to to see them, but a trio of short clips have hit the airwaves, teasing the horror to come this September.

To be fair, if you’ve already rewatched the film’s two full-length trailers over and over (much like we have), these new TV spots might not offer a whole lot in the way of new footage, seeing as how they only come in at around 30 seconds each and feature plenty of recycled content. One thing we did notice, however, is a scene where it looked like Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain) is nearly drowning in a ton of fake blood. We’ve reported on this segment in the past and we’re glad to see it’s made it into the final cut.

At this point, it seems like the buzz surrounding It: Chapter Two is growing each day and with a release date of September 6th, horror junkies won’t have to wait much longer to witness the final showdown between the Losers’ Club and Pennywise.