It: Chapter Two Writer Teases A Heartbreaking Ending For The Saga


Andy Muschietti’s It movies have already diverged significantly from the Stephen King novel of the same name, not least by choosing to tell the story in chronological order, covering the saga’s childhood events in last year’s horror hit, before jumping ahead to the adult years (albeit, with a few flashbacks) in the upcoming It: Chapter Two.

So even if you’re well familiar with the original source material – or for that matter, the 1990 miniseries – next year’s release may still have a surprise or two in the way this saga is wrapped up. Fortunately, writer Gary Dauberman assures us that Chapter Two’s finale will be worth the wait, telling /Film the following:

“The ending I think will satisfy the audience and maybe break their hearts a little bit.”

Tonally speaking, this sounds like a fitting way to conclude things, seeing how the first It was as concerned with the everyday human struggles of its young cast as it was with more supernatural worries. With that in mind, an ideal third act to Chapter Two would surely deliver a mixture of down-to-Earth drama and otherworldly creepiness.

The co-writer of the first It, as well as the newly released The Nun, explained further that he’s excited to be involved in the sequel, partly because King’s source material gives him so much to work with.

“Like I said with the first one, it’s really this embarrassment of riches. It was trying to do your best job of taking what Stephen King wrote so beautifully all those years ago and try to translate it to the script page,” Dauberman shared with SlashFilm. “For me it was just really fun to be able to revisit these characters and see what they’re up to 27 years later. There was a challenge trying to get all those character introductions and “here’s where we are so far” which is fun to tackle. How can we find an elegant solution to introduce this many characters again to the audience?”

From the sounds of it, Dauberman is as happy as a blood-soaked Jessica Chastain, whose co-star Jack Dylan Grazer, incidentally, seems pretty pleased himself with Dauberman’s script. We’ll see if the Losers’ Club’s second outing can live up to the hype when It: Chapter Two comes out on September 6th, 2019.