It: Chapter Two Writer Says There Are A Lot More Pennywise Stories To Tell

It: Chapter Two

The It series will undoubtedly be remembered as containing two of the scariest movies of this generation. It’s just such a shame that the storyline had to end with It: Chapter Two, as it feels like there’s so much more of Pennywise’s evil antics left to explore. Fans don’t want it to be over, the cast doesn’t want it to be over and (given the massive amount of money the first two films made) the studio doesn’t want it to be over, either.

In Hollywood nowadays, it’s common to develop countless spinoffs and sequels pertaining to a popular franchise until the public gets sick of them and while there’s nothing currently in the works to extend the It series, the screenwriter behind the flicks thinks there’s enough material there to make these ideas into a reality.

In Gary Dauberman’s own words:

“I do think it’s possible. Anything in the Stephen King Universe interests me but there’s only so much of the story we could tell in the two movies. There are definitely elements of the novel you could expand on and make its own movie. It’s just a question of whether or not people want to see it but I do think It was on this planet for a very, very, very long time and that’s a lot of bloodshed and a lot of stories to tell and I think you could do that for sure.”

Clearly, spinoffs to this popular series are on everyone’s mind. The fact that Dauberman has never outright denied the possibility means he’s game to pen scripts if asked. Studios should be throwing money at this man, too, urging him to make more Pennywise material. The public is obviously interested in more from the killer clown and the sooner production starts on the next installment, the better.

The first two films have gone on to gross over $1 billion worldwide, smashing all kinds of records on their way to the top. Bill Skarsgård’s iconic portrayal of titular villain is now widely regarded as one of the most horrific and recognizable horror performances of all-time, too. As such, a large part of ensuring that a spinoff’s financially successful would be making sure that he reprises his role as the terrifying clown.

Tell us, though, do you want to see a follow-up/spinoff in the It franchise, or are you happy that the series has run its course? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!