IT: Chapter Two Writer Promises The Sequel Will Be Much Bloodier

Pennywise IT

In case it wasn’t clear from the first teaser trailer yesterday, Andy Muschietti’s IT: Chapter Two is shaping up to be quite a bloody affair. And with a hungry and pissed-off Pennywise waking up after 27 years, is that really a surprise?

While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Gary Dauberman confirmed that the sequel to 2017’s horror smash will not only be more gruesome, but also conclude the Loser Club’s story naturally.

“[It’s] definitely bloodier than the first and it is just as scary, if not scarier…the two movies feel like a complete who. This feels like a natural progression and extension of the first.”

The highly-anticipated film will follow the same group of Derry citizens in adult form as the murderous, shape-shifting Pennywise makes his big, and obviously bloody return. Jessica Chastain, who will be starring as the older version of Sophia Lillis’ Beverly Marsh, has already thrown it out there that one sequence in Chapter Two may contain more blood than we’ve ever seen in a single scene of a horror movie.

Though we obviously can’t be sure, our money’s on it being from the scene this picture was snagged from:

Poor Beverly. If this is going to be anything like the bathroom sequence from the first movie, she’s going to want to hold “it” in for the rest of eternity. At least, that’s until Pennywise is defeated. Only then can everyone start going to the toilet in peace.

But potty humor aside, whichever way the scene turns out, all signs point to it leaving audiences spooked. Like Dauberman, Muschietti also claimed at SDCC last year that the sequel will “crank up the horror aspects.”  He even went as far as to warn viewers that they should “wear adult diapers” to the show.

If that sounds like a bloody good time to you, be sure to mark your calendar for September 6th, as that’s when IT: Chapter Two hits theaters.