Character Portraits Released For Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows

Tim Burton is taking on the vampire adaption of Dark Shadows this May and Vanity Fair has released exclusive character portraits to ease the wait!

Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green and Michelle Pfieffer are all starring in this dark tale, which is surprisingly still without a trailer.

The images below have captured the charming looks of the characters and will surely give fans something to look forward to. They all look positively menacing, despite not really adding anything to what we’ve already seen.

Burton has another movie on the way too, the 3D animated stop-motion film, Frankenweenie, which will bring some old school black and white fun to theaters later this year. It’s also a remake of a short film he released under the same name in 1984.

Dark Shadows will hit theaters on May 11th!

Source: /FILM

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