Charles Roven Discusses Justice League Reshoots


In the past week, comic book movies kept their proud tradition of setting the internet ablaze when a report surfaced stating that Justice League would be undergoing extensive reshoots, essentially retooling the movie for a second time. This, of course, was met with disapproval by devout fanboys because anything negative regarding movies they like is, you know, simply untrue.

So, you could probably imagine that camp was dancing in the streets when the rumor was swiftly met with a denial. Truth be told, not even the deep pockets of Warner Bros. are bottomless, so it does stand to reason that shooting a blockbuster of this magnitude three times over in a short time span is a bit hard to believe. Still, none of us truly know what’s been going on behind the scenes and it boils down to being one side’s words against the other’s.

All that aside, at least a minor amount of reshoots are expected, but the logistics are proving difficult as producer Charles Roven said at a recent Wonder Woman press junket:

“We’re just in the post-production process. That’s where we are. We’re in the middle of it, and I think it’s pretty common knowledge that we’re going to be doing some additional photography. The complications of trying to, you know—Henry [Cavill]’s on Mission: Impossible, and our Aquaman is making Aquaman, Amy [Adams]’ doing Sharper Objects [sic]—so everybody’s busy, and it’s that crazy Rubix cube of trying to find a way of getting everybody in the place to do the work that we need to do. Which is not that vast, the amount of work that we have to do, but it’s still really complicated that everybody’s in different places around the world.”

Unfortunately, none of those actors have the powers of Godspeed and can be in two places at once, so our sympathy goes out to those behind the camera as they attempt to make this work.

“The reality is we are in the midst of trying to schedule the only additional photography that we’ve been trying to schedule. We haven’t done any additional photography up to this point…Since we’ve wrapped, there’s been no additional photography,” said Roven.

“Since we’ve wrapped, what there was was motion capture, or what we call facial capture, so we did one round of facial capture, and another mini-round of facial capture. You use facial capture if you have a CG character, you do facial capture in order to give a real performance into that CG character. An example of it would be Avatar.”

Hopefully all this is sorted out well in advance in order to give Steppenwolf and those Parademons the post-production polish they need in time for Justice League‘s theatrical release come November 17.

Source: Collider