Charlie Cox Would Love A Captain America: Civil War Cameo For Daredevil


The flexibility of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe promotes the crossover of characters from one movie to the next, and it’s a strategy that’s worked to strengthen the onscreen brand of the comic titans across its vast profile of movies, TV shows and straight-to-video shorts. As yesterday delivered an intriguing rumor concerning the introduction of Doctor Strange into the MCU, talk has now turned to the possibility of the Man Without Fear making the leap to the big screen.

Star of Daredevil, Charlie Cox, has made no bones about his willingness to make the transition. In a recent sit down with IGN, the man behind the mask entertained the notion of cropping up in one of Marvel’s next blockbusters – Captain America: Civil War.

“Yeah that would be awesome – I’d love to do that. “I love doing the TV show and I love that we have so much more time to explore the origin story and real deal with character and inner conflict, and spend a lot of time brooding in that world and those feelings, which is unusual for a superhero.

“And usually when you’ve got a two-hour movie it’s action-packed, and so I think that’s one of the things that the show has really benefitted from – having that extra time to really get to know and sit with these characters and see them as humans. But I’d love to see Daredevil on the big screen again. It would be great. And if I could be involved with that I’d be thrilled.”

For now, his Hell’s Kitchen hero remains restricted to the small screen (we’re not counting the 2005 version). Considering that the show was recently awarded a second season order, it looks like Cox will remain cleaning up those mean streets for at least another year. Unless someone up there really wants him in:

“Well he’s in the comics, but I think they’re already… I think I might have missed that boat… So unless someone watches the show and falls so madly in love with it that they decide to get me in for a day, that would be great, but I have no idea.”

Find out whether Cox dons the mask for the stacked cast of Captain America: Civil War when it opens on May 6, 2016.