Charlie Cox Will Eat Local For Jason Flemyng



With principal photography for the directorial debut of actor Jason Flemyng (Hanna) now underway, the casting of Daredevil’s Charlie Cox has been announced. Cox joins Mackenzie Crook, Freema Agyeman, Ruth Jones, Billy Cook, Annette Crosbie, Eve Miles and Vincent Regan in Eat Local – a low-budget action-horror movie, now filming in Hertfordshire.

Previously known as Reign Of Blood, the film is written by Danny King (Thieves Like Us), and follows Sebastian (played by Billy Cook) as he anticipates a late-night hook-up with an older woman. However, far from the night of passion he was hoping for, he finds himself in an isolated abode with a group of hungry vampires. The night takes a turn for the worse when a group of vampire hunters arrive on the scene.

Director Jason Flemyng explained to the media the challenges and privileges of tackling his first time behind the camera with a minimal budget.

“[Eat Local has] been through so many different budgets and guises, but me and [writer] Danny King have worked together and finally we’re here. We’re three days into shooting, and 50 per cent of what we’re doing is better than I could have imagined, and 50 per cent is as good as I could have hoped. Everyone is working really hard with budgets they haven’t seen in 20 years, and the actors are working for beer and lunch money. But we’re doing it – we’ve pulled it together, and I’m so thrilled.”

Flemyng’s comments suggest this could be something along the lines of a house-bound Dog Soldiers – which would be a real pleasure to see. There are few things better than a British horror movie, made on a shoestring, deep in the English countryside. With this cast of UK favourite performers involved as well, Eat Local is absolutely a title to keep watch for.

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