Charlie Hunnam Being Eyed To Play Green Arrow In The DCEU

Charlie Hunnam Green Arrow

It’s long been the wish of many, many DC fans that Charlie Hunnam suit up as Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow in the DC Extended Universe at some point. As far as looks go, the blonde and bearded Brit is nearly identical to the Emerald Archer and he’s also proven himself a natural at playing swashbuckling heroes. For instance, the titular role in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

And while there’s no word yet on when we might see the character in the DCEU, make no mistake about it, he’s on the way. We imagine it’ll be another few years before the Green Arrow appears in theaters – to give audiences some room to breathe after The CW’s Arrow ends – but when the hero is finally brought into the cinematic universe, it may just be Hunnam playing him.

Sources close to We Got This Covered have confirmed that the Sons of Anarchy star is on Warner Bros.’ wishlist along with a few other actors. This doesn’t mean that he’s a lock for the role though, or that casting has even officially begun. Like we said, it’ll be some time before Green Arrow enters the DCEU, but the studio does already have a wishlist of talent that they’re considering and Charlie Hunnam is said to be on it.

What’s interesting to note is that Oliver Queen’s comic book wife is coming to theaters very soon. Jurnee Smollett-Bell will be playing Dinah Lance/Black Canary in the upcoming Birds of Prey. WB is apparently hoping to do a lot more with the heroine, too, with a spinoff film said to be in consideration. If Canary proves popular enough, then her standalone outing could be the best way to bring Green Arrow into the franchise.

For what it’s worth, Hunnam seems into the idea of suiting up for the DCEU, speaking about it in an interview back in 2017 and telling the studio to give him a call. Presumably, WB took notice of that and now, they’ve got their eye on him. But will he ultimately become the next Green Arrow once Stephen Amell has put down the bow and arrow for the final time? We’ll have to wait and see, but he would definitely be a choice that we’d support.