Charlie Hunnam And Margot Robbie May Scale The Mountain Between Us


Pacific Rim beefcake Charlie Hunnam and The Wolf Of Wall Street’s Margot Robbie are both in talks to star in The Mountain Between Us. An adaptation of the novel by Charles Martin, the movie will be directed by Paradise Now‘s Hany Abu-Assad for Fox 2000 pictures. By the sounds of the synopsis, it reads like a Nicholas Sparks novel mashed together with The Grey. Except there’s no wolves, sadly.

Hunnam is in line to play Ben, a doctor on his way home from a medical conference, and Robbie will play Ashley, a writer en route to her wedding. When the pair find themselves stranded at an airport after their plane suffers a malfunction, they opt to charter a plane. Unfortunately, their cunning plan to navigate around the foibles of fate goes downhill fast. The pilot of their charter suffers a heart attack mid-flight and they crash into a snowy mountain range. Lucky for her, he’s a doctor, in case you’d forgotten, AND…. rather good at climbing. Yes, all very fortuitous. He tends to her wounds, and makes it his mission to help her down the mountainside.

From the outline, it has the potential to be a cutting human drama with plenty of shocks. On the other hand – the Sparks hand – it also could segue into a drippy romantic slushfest wherein she realizes she doesn’t want to marry her husband, but would rather shack up with Jax Teller.

With Sons of Anarchy‘s final season set to debut this fall, Charlie Hunnam’s slate remains full. His name has been mentioned recently regarding Warner Bros.’ King Arthur franchise, set to be directed by Guy Ritchie, and it’s likely he’ll be in the titular role, so expect his heartthrob status to escalate further. For Robbie’s part, on the back of Wolf, it was announced this week that she is being considered for the lead in Manga adaptation Ghost In The Shell. Both actors are clearly on their way to the A-list and it will definitely be enjoyable to see them share the screen together here.

What do you think of Hunnam and Robbie for The Mountain Between Us? Would you give it a watch? Sound off below!

Source: Deadline