Charlie Sheen Denies Abusing Corey Haim, Issues Death Threats To His Victims


The internet was rocked by yet another scandal yesterday when news broke that Charlie Sheen had allegedly raped a 13-year-old Corey Haim on the set of Lucas, a film they made together back in 1986. Though the statute of limitations has long since passed, meaning the actor can’t face any legal consequences from any of this, Sheen’s vehemently denied the story, releasing a statement through his lawyers that simply says, “He absolutely denies the claim.”

Whether or not Charlie actually did what he’s being accused of we may never know, but someone else has spoken up on the matter this week as well, and that’d be Corey Feldman, who has a long history with Haim and was best friends with him back in the 80s, as the two child actors sat on top of the world. Of course, both of their lives soon turned to tragedy, but that’s a story for another day.

In an open letter published yesterday, Feldman addressed the recent allegations leveled against Sheen head on, saying the following:

“Let me be very clear. The man at the end of this bread crumb trail, the coveted name A lister everybody wants to know about has, & does continue to threaten his victims with death. It’s actually his go to statement. Anyone that knows who I am talking about can find multiple court records in which defendants have claimed that they feared for their safety after confronting him. Point blank, he threatens people’s lives and has a history of violent behavior.”

Though he doesn’t explicitly name anyone here, it’s not hard to put two and two together. After all, a quick Google search will tell you that the Two and a Half Men star is no stranger to issuing death threats and over the years, he’s made many of them – some of which have been quite gruesome and nasty. Understandably, then, Feldman is hesitant to name him in the letter.

Further in his statement, Feldman also thanked several individuals who’ve come forward with stories of sexual assault lately, saying that they’ve inspired him to tell his tale.

“I’m also forever grateful to the likes of Ashley Judd, Alyssa Milano, and the countless other women who came forward not just with stories about Weinstein, but to all of the strong women who came forward around the globe inspired by the #MeToo movement. It is because of your courage, my story has found new hope. This is a courage I pray will spread to the countless adults who were abused as children, and to the children who may have just recently suffered an abuse.”

As we mentioned above, given how much time has passed since the alleged incident on the set of Lucas, it doesn’t seem like Charlie Sheen‘s in any real danger of legal trouble, but these allegations are certainly disturbing to hear and only further prove the fact that Hollywood has a serious issue with sexual predators at the moment, and it desperately needs to address that.