Charlize Theron And Armie Hammer In Talks To Star In Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar

Let’s get one thing straight. First off, Clint Eastwood’s Hoover biopic has had a name change. It’s now called J.Edgar. Secondly, today we received some big casting news. Apparently both Armie Hammer and Charlize Theron are in talks to star in the film.

Hammer, who has gained a lot of recognition after his role as the Winkelvoss twins in David Fincher’s The Social Network, is going to take the lead role, opposite Mr. DiCaprio, who will be playing J. Edgar Hoover. Hammer is supposedly going to play FBI official Clyde Tolson, who was said to be Hoover’s gay lover. As for Theron, she will reportedly play Helen Gandy, Hoover’s personal secretary.

Looks like Eastwood is assembling quite the cast for this one, and I’m people are lining up to star in a film like this. The directing/acting team of DiCaprio and Eastwood will surely provide for some Oscar worthy material and I seriously think this is one film that can’t turn out bad.

I’m behind both the casting choices of Armie Hammer and Charlize Theron and I eagerly await more casting news on the film.

We’ll keep you updated.