Charlize Theron “Would Love” To Play Furiosa Again For Future Mad Max Movie


Imperator Furiosa, Charlize Theron’s kingdom-shaking badass, proved to be one of the many, many highlights of George Miller’s barnstorming franchise revival, Mad Max: Fury Road, and her lasting impression on moviegoers and critics alike hasn’t gone unnoticed.

While promoting her role as Queen Ravenna in fantasy spinoff The Huntsman Winter’s War, Theron touched base on the future of her beloved character in an interview with MTV, revealing that she “would love” to reprise as the one-armed oil bandit.


As Theron goes on to reveal, George Miller is still marinating on the concept of a sequel – said to be titled Wasteland – and until the director hashes out story details, an official unveiling will remain firmly under lock and key.

For now at least, the actress remains as keen as ever to return as Furiosa:

“I would love to bring her back to life! Are you kidding?” she told MTV at the MTV Awards. “I can see how people are kind of responding to her. I look at my little girl and I’m like, ’yeah, I’d love to play this woman again, definitely.’ ”

Truth be told, there’s been much back-and-forth regarding Furiosa’s future in Miller’s rebooted Mad Max universe. Shortly after Fury Road debuted, the filmmaker appeared to suggest that Theron’s protagonist wasn’t a part of the planned sequel, though more recently Miller has walked back those comments, claiming that he’s still keen on the idea of a Furiosa-fronted movie.

Before smearing grease over her forehead once more, Charlize Theron looks set to terrorize the Toretto gang in Universal’s action sequel, Fast 8. But do you foresee the South African actress headlining a Mad Max spinoff? Or returning as part of the seemingly inevitable Fury Road sequel? Let us know below!